Courage to Stand


I'm Shelley Luther, owner of Salon a la Mode.

A year ago, life was much different for me. Besides owning the salon, I was a musician and performed several times a week with my husband Tim, traveling all over the country living what I thought was truly a dream life. We rescued horses as well as some exotic animals, and we had our little piece of heaven that we thought was perfect.

But then my life changed dramatically as the coronavirus scare swept the nation, closing small businesses and erasing the entertainment and event industry. I was forced to make a choice, lose my home and livelihood, or stand up against overreaching executive orders and open my business.  In that defining moment, my life changed forever.
Since then, I have worked hard to help other people who are struggling due to the ongoing pandemic. During my journey I have met many other people like myself that have had to make critical decisions at crucial moments in their lives.  These ordinary people have done extraordinary things with their lives, impacting others around them with positive results and making changes in the world for the greater good. These modern day heroes never sought fame or rewards for their actions, they simply were presented with a situation or obstacle that required them to reach down deep inside and act with strength, courage, and faith.
Their stories deserve to be heard, and it’s our mission at Courage to Stand to ensure they are.

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