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Episode #10 – Jaco Booyens

Jaco Booyens’ sister was only twelve years old when she was sexually exploited and trafficked. He knows the impact it’s had on her and his family, and he’s determined to eradicate this grotesque disease that’s permeated our society. Check out Jaco’s story; how he’s partnering with rescue organizations, developing curriculums for school, and working to …

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Episode #9 – Samuel Hall

In this week’s episode of the Courage to Stand podcast we welcome Samuel Hall, President and Founder of Patriots for America. Samuel and PFA focus almost exclusively on investigating, reporting, and stopping child sex trafficking. The stories he shares are both appalling and inspiring. How are he and his team able to undertake such difficult …

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Episode #8 – Lance Johnson

While schools across the state and nation were closing down due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Lance Johnson, the Superintendent in Peaster, TX let his decisions be led by faith and facts instead of fear. “Every decision we made was based on what is best for the kids,” said Lance. Check out how Lance bravely stood …

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Episode #7 – Dooney & B

Duwayne Brown (Dooney) always had a dream of opening a barber school. He worked to make his dream come true, launching a school in early 2020 only to see the COVID pandemic hit. But Dooney courageously pressing forward with his barber school, working with an old friend, Byron Morris (B). At a time when many …

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Episode #6 – Jeff Younger

Warning: Courage to Stand is an advocate for freedom of speech and authenticity. This unedited episode contains language unsuitable for children. For the last five years Jeff Younger has been in a non-stop fight to defend his son. When his son, James, was only three years old Jeff’s ex-wife decided James was actually a girl. …

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Episode #4 – Keenan Williams

A former drug dealer, gangbanger, and federal prisoner turned Christian, businessman, and motivational speaker, Keenan William’s story is powerful. With seemingly every card stacked against him, he courageously turned his life in a new direction and has never looked back. For more information on Keenan’s work visit:

Episode #3 – Stephen Willeford

This week, Courage to Stand welcomes the barefoot defender, Stephen Willeford. In a moment’s notice, on November 5, 2017, he courageously charged to the defense of innocent churchgoers who were under assault at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. For more information on Stephen’s work visit:

Episode #2 – Craig Sawyer

Courage to Stand is excited to welcome Craig Sawyer to the show. Craig is a retired Navy Seal whose journey has led him to serve others in various capacities his entire adult life. Now, Craig is courageously taking on his fiercest foe to-date, exposing the disgusting, dehumanizing, and deadly world of human trafficking in his …

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Episode #1 – Jerah Hutchins

In our first episode, Courage to Stand is proud to welcome Jerah Hutchins. Jerah is the owner of Clearing the Chamber, a company dedicated to training and equipping individuals in personal defense. Her personal story is incredible, and how she’s used it to serve others is heroic.

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