Courage to Stand

Episode #10 – Jaco Booyens

Courage to Stand
Courage to Stand
Episode #10 - Jaco Booyens

Jaco Booyens’ sister was only twelve years old when she was sexually exploited and trafficked. He knows the impact it’s had on her and his family, and he’s determined to eradicate this grotesque disease that’s permeated our society.

Check out Jaco’s story; how he’s partnering with rescue organizations, developing curriculums for school, and working to impact local, state, and federal legislation.

You won’t believe what Jaco reveals is happening in the sexual education programs in our schools; I’ll just say, it involves kindergarteners. Yes, kindergarteners…

For more information on Jaco’s work combatting human trafficking, visit:

For more information on Free Space, visit:

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