Courage to Stand

Episode #14 – John Thomas

Courage to Stand
Courage to Stand
Episode #14 - John Thomas

As an immigrant from India John Thomas came to America as a 15-year-old who couldn’t speak English.

Nine years later he found himself in surgical school on his way to becoming a doctor. Dr. Thomas’ story is a perfect example of what one can accomplish in America when they’re willing to work for it.

When COVID hit Dr. Thomas bravely forged his own path to serve his patients. After looking at the research, he believed hydroxychloroquine was the best option. He opted to prescribe it despite the fear and negative blowback from the media, and his patients got better as a result.

Check out Dr. Thomas’ amazing story and learn how he not only serves those in his local community, but also treats orphans and underserved individuals around the world through his non-profit, Operation Hope (

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