Courage to Stand

Episode #15 – Chris Polone

Courage to Stand
Courage to Stand
Episode #15 - Chris Polone

As the fear of COVID was sweeping the globe in 2020, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order stating that bars making 51% or more of their money from alcohol sales had to close.

As the owner of the Rail Club Live in Fort Worth, Chris Polone at first complied. But as the pandemic wore on and the unlawful dictates were unequally enforced, Chris decided to stand his ground.

On July 25, 2020 Chris reopened Rail Club Live. His team cleaned the facility above CDC recommendations, didn’t charge people to attend, didn’t sell alcohol, allowed only 40 people in a facility built for 800, and even socially distanced.

The government still came to shut him down. Chris has been dealing with a fire storm ever since, including the government trying to permanently take away his liquor license. But he refuses to stop fighting.

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