Courage to Stand

Episode #16 – Andy Hopper

Courage to Stand
Courage to Stand
Episode #16 - Andy Hopper

The Texas State Guard (TSG) is a volunteer military force that serves the Texans in times of state emergencies. In May 2021, a training was administered to members of the TSG that most Texans would find shocking.

The training focused on Critical Race Theory and moral relativism. Guardsmen were informed that those meeting certain criteria would be considered “extremists.” They were instructed to inform leadership if they knew anyone in the State Guard who held “extremist” views.

The criteria for “extremism” included: a man who believes homosexuality is wrong, anyone who has a Texas secede bumper sticker, anyone who is a member of the National Rifle Association, and more.

Andy Hopper, who serves in the TSG along with two of his sons, was there for the training. He was appalled at what he heard, so he stood up and said something. He’s been speaking ever since.

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