Courage to Stand

Episode #6 – Jeff Younger

Courage to Stand
Courage to Stand
Episode #6 - Jeff Younger

Warning: Courage to Stand is an advocate for freedom of speech and authenticity. This unedited episode contains language unsuitable for children.

For the last five years Jeff Younger has been in a non-stop fight to defend his son. When his son, James, was only three years old Jeff’s ex-wife decided James was actually a girl. Jeff objected, and the battle began. Since that time, she has been working to transition James while Jeff has been fighting to protect his son from doctors, courts, and bureaucrats who seek to chop off this little boy’s body parts in the name of woke “science.”

This story, the trials he and his son are going through, will shock and anger you, and hopefully will inspire you to speak out against such atrocities.

For more information on how you can help Jeff save James visit:

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