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Supreme Court Dismisses Case Against Shelley Luther


April 9, 2021


The business owner still faces lawsuits in Dallas

AUSTIN, TX — Today the Texas Supreme Court issued an opinion granting Shelley Luther’s petition for writ of habeas corpus and ordered that Luther remain free.

Until today, there was a live possibility Luther could be returned to serve out the remainder of her contempt of court charge.

“To say we are pleased with the court’s ruling is an understatement,” Luther said of this morning’s ruling. “We could not have prevailed without our attorney Warren Norred’s relentless pursuit of justice. Thank you, Warren.”

While she’s cleared this hurdle, Luther and her business continue to be persecuted by the City of Dallas. It’s unclear how this ruling will affect Luther’s still pending legal fight with the city.

“We’re grateful for the support we’ve received from individuals across the country, and we ask that you continue to lift us up in prayer.”

Unfortunately, the state of Texas is currently contemplating legislation in House Bill 3 and Senate Bill 6 that would set up business owners with the same liability Luther has been forced to confront in these legal proceedings.

Specifically, these bills force businesses to comply with CDC guidelines that change often and aren’t set by elected officials but nameless faceless bureaucrats. Currently, these guidelines include recommended double masking and mandate mask-wearing by 2-year-olds!

“What happened to me can happen again. Lawmakers need to protect business owners from busy body bureaucrats, not whitewash pandemic power grabs, empowering similar behavior in the future.”

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