While Americans are facing the impacts of a global pandemic, the government has closed millions of businesses, and hard-working families are struggling to make ends meet. Those who can’t work from home simply can not pay their bills until their businesses or places of work reopen.

Founded by Shelley Luther, Courage to Stand was created to support small business owners closed by government orders and crushed by the economic fallout. After attempting to reopen her Dallas hair salon in April, Shelley was arrested and sentenced to seven days in jail for trying to make enough money to afford her mortgage, pay rent, feed her family, as well as help her tenants pay their own bills and support their families.

Do you have the Courage to Stand? Join us to support small business owners and workers who have become shackled by government policies.


We, the undersigned, are taking a stand to support small business owners and workers who face excessive government overreach and abuse. We believe that our civil liberties and Constitutional rights shall never be infringed. We have the Courage to Stand.